Thursday, June 23, 2011

Etsy Etiquette 101: Convo Abuse?

Recently I've been thinking about the ways that we as Etsy sellers use (and in some cases abuse) Etsy's convo feature. Are we fostering good relationships with buyers and sellers, or are we just cluttering up people's inboxes? Here are a few appropriate uses for convos:

1. You need to inquire about a product or purchase.

2. You want to inform someone that they've been featured in a treasury or blog post, etc.

3. You wanna send someone good vibes!

Now here are a few uses for convos that are, in my opinion, questionable:

1. To school someone on something- You may have the best of intentions, but think twice before you try and fill in a perceived knowledge gap for another seller. I've been on both ends of this convo, and everyone just ends up feeling like a douchebag.

2. To alert someone of a sale or promotion - if people want to stay on top of your daily shop activity, they can follow you on Twitter, like you on facebook, or sign up for your newsletter. If you're a serious seller, you'll use at least one of these venues to promote your shop, and you'll make sure that these options are visible to your customers. Convo-ing every individual who has ever favorite-ed an item in your shop is not a great marketing approach.

3. To solicit funds for a cause or personal fundraising initiative. Put this info in your shop, donate a portion of your profits to charity, share relevant links with your Facebook friends, but don't hit people up for $$$ via Etsy convo.

What do you guys think? What kind of convos do you find most irksome?


  1. Any post containing the word douchebag is automatically on my favorites list but then you go and provide fabulous info & opinions too?! :)

  2. Well, actually, if I have made a gaffe about an item, I positively welcome any info another seller might have, rather than have a red face or make a bad mistake. I also convo about specific finds that I know customers might want, but only if I have asked in the past if this is OK. I would not approve of convoing about sales or promotion, nor charity. You can't be precious about it - business is (nicely) business but there are ways of being polite, friendly and not too pushy.

  3. Ouch, I've never received those specific types of convos, but recently I've noticed more people soliciting me to visit their shop with a "personal invitation". It gets annoying. There are better ways to go about getting traffic.

  4. It's good to have guidance on convo-ing etiquette.

  5. I have been getting convo's try to get me to put my jewelry on other site's to sell! I tell them please do not bother me anymore about it, and I am perfectly happy with my ETSY!!!! Oh.....did I mention how much I LOVE ETSY!