Monday, November 7, 2011

Passing Notes, Volume 2, Issue 4

Feature Update: Sale Prefix

In response to Etsy's recent relevancy search changes and lots of user requests, we have just released an update to our Sales Event Manager. Beginning today you can now choose to include your sale prefix (e.g. HOLIDAY SALE) in either your listing title OR as the first line of the listing description.

A sale prefix is still required, but for those of you who are concerned about changing your titles for sales events, this feature will give you an alternative. Either way, Etsy On Sale will still add and remove the prefix for you when the sale starts and ends!

NOTE: If you want to switch an already scheduled sales event to add the prefix to the description just edit it and change the prefix placement to description (sales currently running cannot be changed though).

Holiday Sales

It's never too early to set up your Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales!

We've made lots of updates and improvements since last year's holiday season. Many of you may remember from last year that we limited the number of sales events that could start at certain hours for Black Friday. We are happy to report that we've increased capacity so that this is no longer necessary. So schedule your sale to start whenever you want!

Sales Event Guidelines

Speaking of sales events, we've created a new list of guidelines to keep in mind when running your sales. It's sort of our list of Do's and Don'ts. So please take a look at this to ensure your sale runs smoothly.

Sales Event Guidelines

Support Questions

We have now made it easier to submit questions or concerns regarding your Etsy On Sale experience. When you're logged into Etsy On Sale, simply click the "Support" link at the top of the page. There you can submit your question via our new support form.

Stock Up for the Holidays!

Just in time for the busy holiday season--our latest credit sale! Now through the end of November when you purchase a 100 pack of credits you'll receive an additional 25 credits free. Don't miss out on this sweet deal!


  1. Whatever you change has jacked up my SALE. It won't auto-renew when I add new items nor will it update when I refresh. The whole point of using this is to save time by not manually putting 20+ new items on sale. Get it together or refund my credits!

  2. We'd be happy to help you. Please email your Etsy shop name and issue to so we can follow up.

  3. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  4. I used your great program for a sale, can't find a way to contact you here it is

    this item still has the sale tag in red on it?