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Etsy On Sale FAQs: Sales Event Guidelines



videoPlayBtn.gifHere on the blog, we will feature a series of quick videos to help you learn the ins and outs of our Etsy On Sale Tools. First up, our most popular tool: the Sales Event Manager. Each time you schedule a new sales event, there a list of guidelines you must check before your sale begins. There's good info in that box! But we know sometimes you are just so eager to get your sale going, you may not have realized the guidelines we strongly suggest you follow during your sales event.
This video will answer common questions like:

  • Can I change titles or descriptions during a sale?
  • What about changing photos?
  • How should I add new items while my sale is running?

Check out this helpful video here on what you should and should NOT do during your sales events.

And, remember, you can always contact us at with any questions.

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