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Etsy On Sale FAQs: Include / Exclude Listings for Sale



videoPlayBtn.gifHappy Tuesday! The Etsy On Sale FAQs series is back with our second installment. This quick video will guide you through how to include or exclude specific listings when scheduling your sales events.

How would this feature be useful to you? There are several ways in which this feature comes in handy. It is primarily used when you want to run a sale on specific items you hand pick for discount.

Example scenarios:

  • Maybe you are running a Father's Day sale, so you want to select items you think would make great gifts for Dads. And since these items are spread over several sections, you need to individually select them. 

  • Perhaps you have some older items in your inventory you want to put on sale in order to make room for a new product line coming up.

  • You want to run a sale on everything in your shop except those two newest items you just made. You can exclude those listings you do NOT want placed on sale.

The Include/Exclude feature enables you to customize your sales event beyond just a certain section or your entire shop.

If you missed our first FAQ post about important Sales Event Guidelines, be sure to check it out! And for other questions on our tools and managing your EOS account, you can also check out our Help page.

As always, feel free to reach out to us at with any questions.
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