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6 Must-Read Articles for Selling Vintage Online


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Selling vintage can be really fun.  You get to go on treasure hunts and discover cool, unique items that you've never seen before.  Then there's the business side of things that can also be fun (connecting with customers, collaborating with other vintage sellers), but the business aspect can also sometimes feel overwhelming (managing a large inventory, writing individual item descriptions, pricing, marketing).  We have a lot of vintage shop owners here at Etsy On Sale who love using our suite of tools to help manage their shops to run sales events- especially when their inventory gets into the hundreds or even 1,000+ range.  

We also heard in our recent customer feedback survey that our vintage sellers would like to have more tips and resources for selling in their market.  We put together a round-up of articles geared for vintage sellers that we think can help the newbie seller as well as the seasoned shop owner looking to rethink some of their business strategies.  We hope you find some useful advice here!

How to Take Your Vintage Shop to the Next Level
Etsy Seller Handbook
This post from a seasoned vintage seller has great advice and tips whether you’re just starting out or need to re-focus your current shop strategy.

Time-Saving Photography Tips for Vintage Sellers
Etsy Seller Handbook
You’ve heard it time and time again: photos are everything when selling online. These tips from the Etsy seller handbook are geared specifically for vintage sellers, so if you haven’t read this, it’s worthwhile.

Interview with Vintage Seller Cindy Funk of Neatokeen
Brilliant Business Moms
Great insight from a current vintage seller on how she finds her items and decided to focus on a particular niche market. Also must-read advice on how she keeps her shop current through a variety of marketing efforts.

6 Ways to Make Your Vintage Shop Shine
Etsy blog
Some great beginner vintage seller tips

On Instagram, a Bazaar Where You Least Expect It
The New York Times
Eye-opening interview with a vintage store owner on how Instagram significantly boosted sales to her shop.

Marketing Your Business on Instagram
Edgar blog
Good beginner’s guide to understanding Instagram and how to market your shop on Instagram regardless of what you sell.  Promote your products, sales events on Instagram.  Just be sure to put your web link in your Instagram profile to direct people to your shop or sales event.

Are you a vintage seller who has some helpful tips or useful resources?  Feel free to share your insight in the comments below!

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