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Build Your Etsy Brand: 7 Ways to Increase Views in Your Etsy Shop


how to increase views in your etsy shop


Over the years here at Etsy On Sale, we’ve received lots of questions from Etsy sellers about how to increase views in their Etsy shop.  It is by far the #1 concern of Etsy sellers, with good reason.  

Etsy is an increasingly crowded marketplace, with many new sellers joining the ranks each day--and that is a good thing!  Some people view the market as oversaturated, with too many sellers. However, try looking at the situation from another angle:  adding new handmade and vintage sellers into the mix only drives more traffic to the Etsy site and broadens the pool of potential customers.  Keep in mind, everyone was new to selling on Etsy at one point, so rather than think of other sellers as competition, it’s better to think of them as collaborators and fellow artists in the handmade/vintage movement you are apart of!  Not to mention better karma vibes, too 🙂  Etsy has always been a community for those who appreciate handmade and vintage goods. While the site has grown substantially over the years, the core of Etsy is still about bringing people together who value uniqueness, imagination and creativity. 

So, how can you stand out in this large community? We've got seven simple steps to help you. Don’t feel overwhelmed by this action list.  Take it one step at a time.  Do the ones that feel most comfortable to you at first, then challenge yourself to try something new!  

1. List or Renew an item everyday (or at least regularly). It's important to make sure your items are showing up in Etsy search results. Consider it an extremely affordable form of advertising at 20 cents per renewal. Also, if you don't have enough inventory to list a new item on a regular basis, then renewing is a very good alternative. Renewing helps keep your shop active and appearing in search. 

2.  Join an Etsy team.  Find a group of supportive sellers that you can collaborate with. You can find an Etsy team for just about any kind of interest - there are thousands of teams to choose from! There are lots of teams that work on promotions together. Teams are a terrific resource to help you run your shops better. These are sellers you can ask questions of, discover new ways of doing business in your shop, trying out new ideas. It's so important to have a support network to help set you up for success. Not sure where to look first? We're fans of the Christmas in July Etsy team because the team leaders are awesome and they have an active, consistent collaboration going on there (all year long, by the way, not just in July!)--check 'em out!

3.  Get on Instagram. It's what the kids are doing these days, and also, it's a fun way to show off your shop and your personality. Great tips found here in this Etsy forum thread.

4.  Beef up your item descriptions.  Do you have enough information describing your item? Do you list measurements, colors, textures, occasions, different uses of the product, etc? Remember, you want to describe your item as if you didn't have any pictures to show the customer. Be as informative as possible in talking about your item. Think about the five senses (touch, sight, smell, sound, taste): how many of these could you use in describing your item? Providing as much detail as possible draws your customer in and gets them that much closer to deciding to purchase.

5.  Evaluate your inventory.  How many items do you have in your shop? Do you have enough listings to generate interest from customers? There is no magic number when it comes to this. The important point here is that you want to have a shop that looks professional and established and that means having more than five items in your shop. If you're just starting out, having at least 30 items is a good starting place, but again it all depends on what category you're selling in. Vintage shops are going to need more than that to stay competitive. But don't get intimidated or fixated on a certain number. If you're unsure, ask fellow sellers to evaluate your shop in the Etsy forums - you'll get honest feedback and maybe make a new buddy in the process. But, remember, too, to trust your own instincts as well. It's your shop, after all, and no one else's.

6.  Optimize your titles and tags. Make sure you're using key phrases in your titles and tags, not single words. For example, "Cream wool infinity scarf" is a good phrase to use in your title and tag section because it has multiple keywords. Your item is much more likely to show up in Etsy search results when a customer searches this specific phrase. An example of a bad title would be, "Scarf" or "Wool scarf". Those are way too broad and you'll get buried in search results for those broad terms. Even better way to optimize your title? Use multiple phrases! Example: "Cream Wool Infinity Scarf - Chunky Knit Soft Scarf - Off White Knit Cowl". You'll get the most bang for your buck by including multiple phrases: think of the different ways someone might be searching for that item. Use the Etsy search bar to help you think of suggestions. Type in a keyword or two and the search bar will offer suggestions on popular searches people are typing with those keywords.

7.  And one more tip about your item titles: You don't want to title your items with names. For example, I had names for different knitted scarves I made, like "The Gatsby Scarf". It's cute, but nobody would be searching for that name in Etsy search.  A customer is much more likely to search, "brown knitted scarf", so you'll want to use words people search for in your titles. Save the creative name for the description section of your listing.


If you’ve attempted one of these steps in the past, give it another go. Approach it from a fresh perspective.  If you joined an Etsy team 2 years ago and didn't find the right fit, I encourage you to look again. Try another team. Find your community--the fellow Etsy sellers who are going to encourage you and help you to continually evolve your shop over time are out there - you just need to put yourself out there and connect! You are so close to finding a great new team of collaborators. Change can be scary, but with friends to help you along the way, they can help you overcome any fear or self-doubt that stands in your way of success.

I hope you found some encouragement here today. And be sure to check out our other Build Your Etsy Brand posts on how to Establish Your Shop Identity and Finding Your Customer.


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