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An Easy Way to Improve Your Etsy Shop in 1 Minute


an easy way to improve your Etsy shop in one minute

You really want to spruce things up in your Etsy shop, increase customer traffic, but you're feeling overwhelmed with where to begin? Not to worry! We're here to help Etsy sellers with ideas on how to increase views and sales in your Etsy shop. You can effectively improve your Etsy shop with simple changes you can make one step at a time. Ready to see how? 

Today's tip focuses on one super quick way to improve your Etsy shop and it only takes one minute to fix. Yes, I'm totally serious--you can really do this in one minute: Your Profile Photo.

This might sound like a silly suggestion, but it is one of the easiest things you can do right now to instantly make your Etsy shop more professional and appealing to potential customers. It doesn't even need to be anything fancy. In fact, simpler is better! 

Here's the section I'm referring to, circled below in red, underneath the heading "Shop Owner":




You'll want to make sure your profile photo is a clean, simple, and clear photo of you. Seeing a friendly human face in the profile section lets customers know who's behind this wonderful shop of yours. This simple gesture creates a human connection between the customer and your shop. That's a major reason customers come to Etsy to shop - they want to buy unique items from unique people - they want to know who you are!

So many Etsy sellers overlook this aspect of their shop. I can't tell you how many times we've seen substandard profile photos--it pains me to see this because it's such an easy fix! Sellers often don't realize how a poor-quality profile photo could be hurting their Etsy sales and costing them business.  

You might be wondering, can I use my company logo instead of a picture of myself?  In most instances, I would not recommend this because the image size is already so small that it may be difficult to read a company logo here. Instead, your cover photo would be an ideal place to display your company logo because it's a much larger space.

Updating your Etsy profile photo is an easy shop improvement you can do today! If you want even more tips for increasing views and sales to your Etsy shop, then be sure to download our FREE guide, 12 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Etsy Shop


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