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New:  The Photo Backup & Restore Tool



Introducing Etsy On Sale's newest seller tool...The Photo Backup & Restore Tool!

Every Etsy seller knows that good photos are one of the most valuable parts of your online shop. Our new tool helps you protect your photos and also allows you to quickly restore and change your listing photos within your Etsy shop.

The Photo Backup & Restore Tool does all this for you, so you can rest easy:

  • Daily automatic backups of ALL photos for ALL your listings
  • New listings and photos automatically discovered and backed up
  • Your FULL SIZE photos are backed up to multiple secure data centers
  • Restore any photo to a listing on Etsy with 2 clicks
  • Download any photo to your laptop or device
  • Easily swap photos in and out on a listing to help find the ones that maximize sales
  • Protect your photos and your business in case of hard drive failure, ransomware, and  other viruses that hold your data hostage
  • Protection from accidental deletion on your computer or on Etsy's Listing Manager

Seeing the tool in action will show you just how useful it can be to your shop. Check out our quick demo video to see for yourself!


Protecting your product photos is critical to your business. Try out our Photo Backup & Restore Tool for 1 month and we think you'll love the convenience and peace of mind that it provides.

We're excited to finally share our latest tool with you and we hope you find it super helpful to your Etsy shop! We'd love to hear what you think! Send us an email at to let us know your thoughts. 

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