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Let's Work on Those Tags (Plus a Free Worksheet!)





Tags can seem like a real mystery part of your Etsy listings if you aren't familiar with what they are and why they're important. Time after time we come across Etsy listings that only have a few tags filled out.


Today, we are going to talk about what exactly is a tag, why you need to have them, and how to pick the best tags for your listings. Let's go!


"What is a tag? Where do I find them?"

Tags are located near the bottom of your Etsy listing:



You "tag" your item with different keywords as a way for customers to find your item when searching on the Etsy website. A listing gets 13 tags (you actually get 16, but the first 3 tags are automatically filled in for you by Etsy - they are the categories associated with your listing. You fill out the remaining 13 tags yourself).


"Why are tags important?"

Tags are super important because this is how your listings get found in Etsy search results. Both your titles and tags are critical for search results. It's in these two areas where Etsy looks for keywords and then lists items in search results. So, if I am searching for "silver and emerald earrings", Etsy is going to look at titles and tags for those keywords. Keywords are stronger when repeated in both your title AND tag sections, so be sure to list your most important keywords in both the item's title and tag section.


"How do I figure out what keywords to use for a tag? I can't think of enough words to fill in 13 tags."

Oh, but you can do it, my dear, trust me! Don't underestimate the power of synonyms! That beautiful scarf you just knitted, it's not just "red". Is it scarlet? Or maroon? Crimson? Blood red?

And don't only use the word "scarf". What kind of scarf is it?  An infinity scarf? A wrap, a shawl, a cowl? Don't forget in the UK they often refer to cowls as a "snood". Is it extra long, or adjustable in size? Then, "extra long" could be a tag, or "adjustable length".

Is this item offered in a special sizing? Think of different ways people might be searching for a certain sizing. There are more common terms like, "petite" or "extra tall", but people might also want an item that is stretchy, oversized, loose-fitting, body-conscious, etc. depending on the product.

Did you use a special material, like organic cotton or hand-dyed wool? Is your handmade body lotion hypoallergenic or vegan? 

Is that vintage dress from a certain decade? Be sure to include that decade as a tag: 1950s, 1980s, etc.

And to help you get all these ideas floating around in your head organized, we made a free worksheet for you! Just click the link below to download it and you'll be on your way to creating more optimized tags in no time.

Click here:  Etsy Tags Brainstorm Worksheet


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