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Valentine's Day - Get Your Etsy Sale Running Now


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Valentine's Day is February 14th, so now's the time to run your Valentine's Day Sale in your Etsy shop! Etsy customers are looking for the perfect gift as we speak. Think about what items in your shop would make a sweet gift for a loved one. We've got some quick tips to get you going...

  • Update your Etsy shop's cover photo for the holiday. Since often times that's the first thing customers notice in your Etsy shop, make sure you announce your sale there. Let them know what kind of discount you're offering and for how long. Adding some Valentine-themed graphics like hearts, cupids, etc, will help grab their attention, too. Canva is a wonderful, incredibly easy tool to help you create an Etsy cover photo. They've got all kinds of free graphics to help create a professional-looking cover photo.
  • Consider offering a bundle - that's where you group a few of your items together and sell it as a gift set. It's a perfect option for customers who don't have time to hunt around for several gifts and want something quick and easy. Make the buying process as easy as possible for your potential customers.
  • Try offering a little something extra special for the holiday--gift wrapping is very appealing for customers and could be that little something extra that gets them to finalize their purchase. Anything unique you can offer will go a long way toward creating a happy customer experience!
  • Be sure to include a business card with your shop's name and logo for the recipient! Remember that they didn't visit your Etsy shop, so it's a prime opportunity to let them know about your brand and how to find your shop online. Looking for advice on branding? Check out our blog post on how to Create Your Etsy Brand.  
  • Update your tags to include "Valentine's Day Sale", "gifts for her" (or for whomever is appropriate--like "teacher gifts", "gifts for him", etc). Tags are how your products will get found in Etsy search results. 
  • Running a successful Etsy sales event is easy with our Sales Event Manager Tool. See how it works here if you've never tried it out before.

 Ready to get your sale up and running? Awesome! Let's do it!  xoxo

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